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About Torre Parts and Components
Based in City Deep in Johannesburg, with manufacturing operations in the Western Cape and Port Elizabeth, Torre Parts and Components employs some 500 people dedicated to its sales, marketing, warehousing, manufacturing and distribution operations, serving a network of customers throughout Africa.

Torre Parts and Components manufactures and distributes quality branded parts and components into the African market and operates across four distinct market segments namely, Automotive, Commercial, Off Highway and Industrial. Established in 1948, the company owns or represents a significant basket of well-known brands which include Gabriel, Autocom, Echlin, VDO, SKF, ACSA-Mag, Textar, MagBrakes, Warn, Hi-Lift, Vision-X, Truck-Lite, Traxx, Puisi, Pneumax and Raasm.

Torre Parts and Components is both ISO9001 and ISO14001 certified as well as being an SABS certified company with a variety of supply contracts to both the aftermarket and original equipment markets

Torre Parts and Components is a 100% owned subsidiary of Torre Industries Ltd. The operating structure is split between manufacturing and head office functions.

The manufacturing division consists of two core manufacturing facilities. A shock absorber manufacturing facility based in Cape Town and a Plastics Injection Moulding facility in Port Elizabeth.

Head Office is in Johannesburg which provides the Sales, Marketing, Warehousing & Distribution aspects of the business as well as administrative and services functions.


Automotive is currently the largest division within the company, supplying a wide range of parts and components for passenger and light commercial vehicles. This division services the automotive parts replacement market or, as it is more commonly referred to, the automotive aftermarket, where vehicles are typically older than five years.

The product offering in this automotive segment covers a wide range of brands both manufactured or exclusively distributed, including shock absorbers, suspension and steering parts, brakes and braking systems, engine management and monitoring systems as well as a range of under the bonnet and auto electrical components. Also offered is a range of vehicle accessories for the 4×4 market from winching and vehicle recovery accessories to specialist high-end LED lighting products.

Demand for automotive aftermarket products is driven by, amongst other things, the number of vehicles in operation in the market, the average age of the vehicle fleet and the durability of the original parts. Torre Parts and Components Automotive division continues to expand across Africa with the growth of the vehicle population on the continent.


The Commercial sector consists of the medium commercial, heavy commercial and extra heavy commercial vehicle market. The Torre Parts and Components Commercial division supplies both aftermarket and original equipment spares, especially for truck and trailer manufacturers, to this sector.

Identified as a key growth sector within the business, the heavy commercial vehicle (HCV) and medium commercial vehicle (MCV) markets are growing rapidly across the African continent.

Torre Parts and Components offers a wide range of solutions for commercial fleets, ranging from heavy duty commercial shock absorbers, to commercial brake linings and brake pads, to full air brake and hydraulic systems. Its tachographs and fleet management systems are well respected in the market, and its manufacture of chevrons and commercial lighting products, makes Torre Parts and Components a serious player in the commercial vehicle market.


The Off Highway sector carries a range of parts and components for off-highway vehicles mainly in the agricultural, mining, construction, rail, military, material handling and marine sectors.

Torre Parts and Components extensive product range for the off highway market includes train shocks, a wide range of gauges and instrument clusters for agriculture, mining and marine markets, as well as a comprehensive auto electrical program range for forklifts and off road vehicles. Torre’s range of high quality LED mining vehicle lighting is of the best in the world. Specific application designs are catered for by qualified technicians who provide a strong value added technical service and solution to this market segment.


The Industrial division is focused on the supply of systems and components for plant, machinery or equipment which is traditionally bolted to the floor and is largely focused on the manufacturing, oil and gas, mining, packaging and other similar industrial markets.

Torre Parts and Components current product range in this market segment include components for pneumatic, fluid and gas handling, metering and management systems.

The division currently specialises in the supply of equipment suited for the transfer, siphoning and dispensing of fluids, bulk fluid flow measurement and control (for storage and transportation), lubrication and greasing equipment, as well as process control and cryogenic gas measurement for bulk transportation, as well as parts and components for the pneumatic and automation industry, including a wide range of modern and reliable pneumatic command valves and pneumatic cylinders and components.

This is a relatively new sector for Torre Parts and Components with strong growth prospects.