Senter360 is a company with a long history in the irrigation industry, for many years marketing, installing and maintaining a well-known American brand center pivot. After years of development in collaboration with more than one university, they produced and sold the first Senter360 center pivot in 1994.  They could build into it everything they wished for and ended up with an amazing product with outstanding innovations!

It is therefore important to mention that the Senter360 center pivot is a machine of outstanding quality and innovation, not only comparing with the best internationally, but exceeding norms, standards and expectations.  Senter360 therefore not only deliver and erect a top quality product but it is of the utmost importance for us to support their customers wherever in the world they are located.

They have a support system proven to be successful throughout the African continent. The modular machine design is supportive to a simple spares and maintenance program, also impacting positively on the sales price and long term cost of ownership of the machine for our clients. It does not stop when buying our exceptional product at a very competitive price. Senter360 also has a policy of reasonable spares costs and that, combined with high quality components, resulting in Senter360 having the lowest cost of ownership in the industry.

Please look at the You Tube video explaining the superior technical features of the Senter360 center pivot.

Senter360 has irrigation systems running in most countries on the African continent and elsewhere including, but not only in South Africa, Nigeria, Ghana, Ethiopia, DRC, Tanzania, Zambia, Angola, Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Mozambique and Swaziland (to name a few). They are currently busy with a variety of projects in South Africa, Zimbabwe, Tanzania and Botswana, with projects coming up in South Africa, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Uganda, Tanzania, Namibia, Mozambique, Ghana, DRC, Botswana, Malawi and Egypt.

Senter360 is well equipped to design, supply, install and train internationally, focusing on the African continent. They are therefore looking forward to serving you, ensuring your irrigation developments become a lucrative asset to your operations.