South African Table Grape Industry NPC

Picture a vineyard under the African sun where almost every kind of grape grows in abundance. From the valleys of the Berg and Hex Rivers to the Bushveld in the tropical north, from the foot of Table Mountain in the Western Cape to the dry desert land of the Orange River, a wide diversity of climate and soil, where man and nature combine to produce grapes of excellent quality.

Imagine a place where people of all cultures and religious persuasion work together to fulfil a common goal – growing the finest grapes in the world. The story of South African grapes is the story of people, of their endeavours, of opportunities, of betterment and creating a future for all those involved with the industry.

This is the home of SATI, the unified South African Table Grape Industry Partnership. This partnership is dedicated to maintaining South Africa’s position as the preferred country of origin for retailers around the world, as sustainable as it moves into the future.

SATI holds a level 6 B-BBEE status. (view the B-BBEE certificate)


SATI’s four key areas of intervention are to Gain, Retain and Optimise through…..

Market Access and Development
Information and Knowledge Management
Transformation and Training
Research and Technical Transfer

The South African Table Grape Industry has a Board of 17 directors, including one executive director and 16 non-executive directors representing all 5 grape growing regions across South Africa. SATI has four board committees.

The South African Table Grape Industry intends to become a progressive growth oriented industry representative, recognised as a global leader in the Table Grape Industry and an authentic leader in the South African agricultural sector. We will expand our industry’s opportunities within existing markets and diversify the industry’s current market risk profile in order to improve and protect the industry’s position in the global table grape market.

We will continue to increase our responsiveness to our shareholders and clients needs in order to improve industry efficiencies and competitiveness by providing timeous and credible industry information and market intelligence.

We will accomplish this through the consolidation of producer and exporter efforts, developing credible people and practices in the industry as well as strong alliances and partnerships with all our stakeholders.

Preferred Country of Origin for the worlds best tasting grapes.

South Africa … “Preferred country of origin for the worlds’ best tasting grapes”
South African table grape growers and exporters are committed to being a reliable supplier of table grapes by delivering a safe flavour filled product of the highest quality. They have dedicated themselves to ensuring that our special taste, quality and choice product meet the highest level in compliance with word market standards. Our industry from Grower to Consumer is committed to operating in a safe and sustainable way and is constantly striving to be even better through innovation.
The commitment of growers to the welfare of their workers, the creation of new opportunities for workers to become co-owners of our farms and our quest to always remain at the forefront of table grape cultivation demonstrates our continuous efforts toward being a progressive, equitable and sustainable table grape supplier.
Who is SATI?
The South African Table Grape Industry (SATI) is the industry association of table grape producers in South Africa. SATI is dedicated to maintaining South Africa’s position as the preferred country for taste around the world, as well as to ensure that the industry remains progressive, equitable and sustainable as it moves into the future. SATI’s leadership consists of producer elected members and the Chairpersons of the 5 table grape producing regions. This ensures that the board is fully mandated by a majority vote from South African table grape producer.
There are five major growing regions in South Africa, and the difference in soil and climate enables growers to supply the markets from November to May. The early season is dominated by varieties from the Northern Province and the valleys of the Orange and Olifants Rivers, followed by table grape varieties from the Berg River Valley. The season concludes with supplies from the Hex River Valley, a region where late-season varieties flourish.
SATI’s four key areas of intervention
• Market Access
• Research and Development
• Information and Knowledge Management
• Transformation and Training

SATI is very involved and a key supporter in the Sustainability Initiative of South Africa (SIZA).