Nulandis is a leading South African Crop Health solutions provider, a division of AECI (African Explosives and Chemical Industries), a chemical cluster company with over 100 years in existence based in South Africa and abroad. Nulandis forms one of the five Growth pillars of AECI, which are Mining, Agriculture, Water Solutions, Food and Speciality chemicals. Nulandis has the largest retail footprint in South Africa and is also represented in Eastern, Southern and Western Africa by a number of distribution companies or AECI owned companies, ie AECI Namibia and Farmers Organisation in Malawi. Nulandis is also represented in parts of Europe, the Middle East and Australasia.

What we do

In Agriculture the challenge is to provide the world’s growing population with sustainable, secure supply of safe, nutritious, and affordable high-quality food using less land, with lower inputs, in the context of global climate change, environmental changes and declining resources. Nulandis has therefor embraced an exciting journey towards unlocking nature’s potential, our NU-Way.

We have taken on this journey to support sustainable farming by helping farmers look after the environment, save water and answer the call by consumers for food of greater quality. The NU-Way is an effort to respond to the potential food crisis by increasing yields and improving crop quality that will address both food availability and bring an end to micro nutrient depletion in food (type B malnutrition).

The NU-Way addresses the basic fundamentals of biology leading to sustainable crop health by focusing on energy of the plant. And that is why we focus on soil wealth, soil nutrition and soil biology as first step in providing the correct plant nutrition leading to sustainable crop health. The NU-Way bring together services and products addressing a holistic customized solution for a farmer. Nulandis® together with Nulandis Precision Science® offer tailor made solutions in South Africa and abroad providing the following services, Agricultural feasibility studies, Farm mapping, Soil analysis, Soil management solutions and products, Risk Mitigation solutions, Crop monitoring and crop care solutions and Remote management.


We are responsible for our own in-house development, manufacturing, formulation and distribution of specialized agricultural chemical products. Our extensive research and development of quality products backed by technical know-how, gives us the distinctive advantage of having access to the right information – from factory to farm – when and where needed. Our spheres of business include soil and plant health, crop protection, nutrition and irrigation technology. Nulandis work with both farmers and technology partners to provide solutions to growing needs across the length and breadth of Africa, offering an extensive range of environmentally safe crop protection products, plant nutrients and GIS services.