Gale Lotheringen Freight Consultants (GLFC)

Your Logistical Gateway to Africa and the World


Gale Lotheringen Freight Consultants (GLFC)

GLFC is an Import and Export company that focuses on personal service.
We pride ourselves on the relationships built up over the years with both Clients and Suppliers alike, allowing us to go further and do more for our customers, in effect – an ‘off-site in-house shipping department’ giving you (the client) the best of both worlds as far as outsourcing is concerned.


GLFC has already been successfully involved in the logistics supply chain for large projects in Kenya, Tanzania, Zanzibar, Nigeria, Zambia, Mozambique, amongst others, with a particular focus on the manufactured items   

As Chairman of Exporters Club Western Cape, sitting on both the PCC (Port Consultative Committee), and PLF (Port Liaison Forum) , Terry realised the importance of collaboration on all tiers of business, it is with this philosophy that he carries into the daily operations of GLFC.


GLFC – your logistical Gateway to Africa and the world.



Contact Details:

Terry Gale
Cell: (+27) 82 436 0751



47a Pienaar St,
Cape Town, 7130

South Africa