Compo Expert

COMPO EXPERT: A reliable partner for a safe harvest

World-wide activities with powerful brands and market leader in Europe

COMPO EXPERT, with its broad range of high-quality, innovative special fertilizers, is leader in the areas of broad acre crops, vegetables, fruits and vines, nursery & ornamentals, turf & public green, landscaping and forestry. Powerful EXPERT teams guarantee extensive support to the trade and the users in our market.

COMPO EXPERT is an international company with locations in Europe, North and South America as well as Asia and South Africa. We produce and market special fertilizers and biostimulants for all areas of plant production and care.

Our product range includes

NPK special mineral fertilizer: Blaukorn (low in chloride)

Fertilizer with a nitrification inhibitor (DMPP): NovaTec

Slow-release fertilizer based on ISODUR & CROTODUR: Floranid Twin

Partly-coated slow-release fertilizers: DuraTec and Basatop

Coated slow-release fertilizer: Basacote

Nutrient salts: Hakaphos and NovaTec Solub

Liquid fertilizers, for example, Basfoliar and Vitanica

Trace element fertilizers, for example, Fetrilon




Granular fertilizers

Stabilized fertilizers with DMPP

Water soluble fertilizers

Substrate fertilizer

Soluble salts for foliar application

Micronutrient fertilizers

Liquid fertilizers

Fertilizer suspensions

Micro granular fertilizers for special applications

Partly coated slow-release fertilizers


Slow-release fertilizers

Controlled release fertilizers (CRF)

Seed Treatment