BFF Safety Group

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Full safety footwear solution, from one leading provider

BBF History

BBF Safety Group (Pty) Ltd. (BBF) was born from a merger of some of the most respected safety footwear manufacturers in South Africa: Bagshaw Footwear, Beier Safety Footwear, Bronx Safety, United Frams, and Wayne Plastics.

With over 200 years combined experience in footwear manufacturing and a solid footprint in the African continent, the Group knows the complexities of operating in developing nations, the challenges their customers encounter, and the solutions to overcoming them.

“By knowing our customers and remaining ahead of the curve in product performance and manufacturing technology, we maintain our position as a leader in safety footwear,” comments Tven Heyer, Group Export Manager for BFF Safety Group. “As an organisation, we’re committed to continuous development for improved technical product leadership, performance, quality and enhancing the customer experience.”

The joining of the five organisations means BFF customers have a single contact point to access some of the most trusted and recognized brands.


Bova safety footwear offers a comprehensive range covering Lightwear, Heavywear, Extremewear and Paramilitary applications. Bova is one of the premium brands within the stable and is engineered to the highest international standards for safety and comfort, with many styles accredited by the Podiatry Association of South Africa.

Bronx Safety

Bronx Safety combines fashion, comfort and durability and has made a name for itself as a leading street-style brand. Customers of the Bronx Safety Range choose the brand for the ease at which it allows them to transition from the office and construction site to trending after-work events.


Frams safety footwear is not only the oldest brand within the BBF stable, but it is also one of the original safety footwear brands in Southern Africa. Frams has earned a reputation for offering consistent, economical and reliable footwear targeted at those on a budget and contract workers.


Fuel is renowned for its advanced range of safety footwear engineered for specialist applications. The brand offers a range of products, purpose-built to handle extreme environments and niche applications.


Inyati is a value offering for extreme environments, featuring injected dual density PU/ Rubber soles with full-grain leather uppers. The product range offers heat resistance up to 300 C as well as resistance to acid, oils and chemicals.


Lemaitre is targeted towards professionals who need to adapt to diverse working environments. This premium range is technically engineered and focuses on four key areas: comfort, slip resistance, torsion control and general heavy wear applications.


Sisi was born out of a need for an all-female range and offers women access to products that make then look and feel great. Targeted towards women who work in light – and – heavywear conditions, the range is manufactured on women-specific moulds, which aid in comfort, thereby decreasing fatigue.


Wayne is a leading brand of PVC and Polyurethane gumboots, specialising in the mining, agriculture, manufacturing, food processing, hygiene and general-purpose industries. With a global reputation for superior quality that meets many international safety standards, Wayne offers reliable waterproof footwear for an array of conditions.