More than 30 years of experience in agribusiness, our team is ready to provide a complete management service for the handling of the fertilizer supply chain to your company.


Offer high tech machines and supply chain management service for the fertilizer industry through innovative management in order to ensure the best assistance in this market to our clients.


To be a partner in supplying fertilizer handling equipment and management services, is recognized as the best option by clients, the community, suppliers and partners of the industry.


Freedom with responsibility

Innovation and creativity

Clear and honest communication

Etic and mutual respect

Excellence in service and quality


We have developed a range of fertilizer machines that can be customized according to the customer’s need.

Fertilizer Coating Machine

Fertilizer Blending Plant

Batch Blender

Continuous Blender

Fertilizer Bagging Machine

Valve Bags

Open Mouth Bags

Big Bags

Fertilizer Screener

Conveyor Belts

Fertilizer Mobile Machines

Easy Mobile Bagging

ScreenerCoating Machines

Projects in other countries