Aquaculture Innovations



We design & erect fish farms

We regard ourselves as the leading experts in the scaling, design and erection of fish farms in Africa. Our focus is on using the latest international advances in aquaculture technology, combined with a pragmatic `what works in Africa’ attitude, to develop fish farming systems that are cost effective to erect and operate, produce the targeted production volumes and are as simple as possible to manage. Furthermore, we focus on using technology that is sustainable in the long term from the economic, biological, technical and environmental perspectives.




  • Feasibility Studies & Bankable Business Plans
  • Site Selection & Layout
  • System Design
  • Production Audits and Optimisation on existing Facilities
  • Supply & Installation of new Fish Farms or Expansions
  • Training – Courses & on-site Training
  • Mentorship Program


We have designed the following installations:

  • Recirculating Systems for hatcheries and / or rearing facilities for catfish, tilapia, ornamental fish, rainbow trout, eel, kob, pangasius, marron, grouper, red snapper and yellowtail to a maximum of 1 000 tons p.a.
  • Cage Systems for tilapia, koi, catfish and goldfish to a maximum of 5 000 tons p.a.
  • Earth Pond Systems for tilapia, marron, koi, goldfish, rabbitfish and mullet to a maximum of 30ha of water surface area
  • Aquaponics Systems for tilapia, catfish, pangasius along with tomato, lettuce, pepper, brinjal, herbs and basil


We offer several Aquaculture & Aquaponics Courses:

  • 3-day Aquaculture System Management Course
  • 5-day Practical Fish Farmer Course
  • 2-day Commercial Aquaponics Course



We also run dedicated Courses for clients on specific topics. Let us know what your needs are and we will see how we can assist you.