World Leaders In Feed Pellet Machine Manufacturing & Biomass Pelletizing

About Us

The development of the Agricon pellet mill (pellet machine or pellet press) range saw the company growing from a one-man business to an Internationally recognized role player in the pelleting Industry. Agricon Pelleting owns pelletizing technology in the fields of biomass pelleting and feed mills that has no competition in the World. Agricon’s machines can produce pellets from material that have never been pelletized before.

Agricon also designs and manufacture supplementary equipment used in the pelleting process. The development of new markets for our products lead to the discovery of many application for pelleting technology. This is a service Agricon offers to customers to expand the income potential with their machines.

By using engineers, technologists and logistics controllers with specialized theoretical- and practical backgrounds we can offer total service to our customers by developing projects from initial concept to design and production, to installation and commissioning of complete pelleting plants and lines for most types of products to be processed, worldwide.

Why Choose an Agricon Product?

  • Agricon is your one-stop pelleting advice and solutions provider. We are able to share with you our experience on a wide selection of products that can be pelleted with our machines.
  • Our machines are made from precision lazer-cut and water-jet parts and the highest quality components, thereby eliminating human error.
  • All chassis are precision welded, thus ensuring the structural integrity and preventing cracks in the future.
  • Agricon is firmly established in the pelleting industry, and was established in 1993, serving customers with vast experience.
  • We pride ourselves in our after-sales service and availability, should you require our assistance with any of your Agricon products.
  • Our stock is readily available on demand, as all parts are locally manufactured.

Agricon is the overall 2016 South African Entrepreneur of the Year after being the 2014 Small business entrepreneur. Other accomplishments like being the 2004 South African National Innovation Prize winner and being elected by Autodesk SA for their success story two years in a row (2006 and 2007) for the first machine produced by a small South African company to get full CE approval from Europe and designs being in demand from clients all over the world, we can give you this solid foundation. We were also awarded the “ILO Best Business Concept”, the UV Achiever and Entrepreneur of the Year and the ILO Best Green Business based on out contribution to business development and employment, whilst creating food stability.