Accountability is a web-based service that was created by founder members Howard and Wendy Kemp, birthed by pure frustration, with the aim of “protecting” businesses by reducing the risk caused by outstanding payments. As a registered Credit Bureau, our actions are determined by the provisions of the National Credit Act, No 34 of 2005 and the National Credit Regulator.

Our Value Proposition:

By partnering with the major Credit Bureaus, our Members have access to an active credit database of 25 million Consumers and 5.2 million Businesses. Whether you are a start-up, SME or a large Corporate, by becoming a valued Member of Accountability, you will have access to a variety of services whereby you can accurately determine potential clients’ creditworthiness before extending them the required trade credit. Accountability Members are able to access our user-friendly website 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year.

A simple log in process will not only place our Members in direct contact with registered debt collectors, but also provide them with the tools to report Consumer and Commercial credit behaviour to registered Credit Bureaus, by instructing Accountability Solutions (Pty) Ltd to notify and list (after 28 calendar days from the initial notification) the Business, Directors or in the case of a Consumer, the individual, as default payers. Simplifying the debtor management process with quick turnaround times and minimal effort.
Mission Statement

Accountability is the dominant web-based service team aiming to protect SME’s and Corporates by providing them with tools to reduce credit risk and report Consumer and Commercial credit behavior to registered Credit Bureaus.


For Our Clients

Integrated results in terms of compliant Commercial and Consumer Credit Reports.
Unrivalled, direct access to information from the major national Credit Bureaus – anytime, anywhere.
Instantly accessible user-friendly website.
Fast and effective Credit Bureau listings.
Increased cash-flow in 98% of cases.

For Our Employees

An opportunity to share in our growth.
A professional performance driven culture.
Job satisfaction based on equitable remuneration, personal development and respect.

For Our Country

Upholding high moral and ethical standards.
Ensuring better accountability of the nation.
Social development programs addressing the plight of the needy.

For Our Credit Bureau Partners

Constant updates of Commercial and Consumer credit data.


Website link:

Contact details: 0861 90 90 90