Netafim is the global leader in irrigation solutions for a sustainable agriculture

Who We Are
We’re farmers first and innovators second. We started in 1965, in the Negev desert in Israel, trying to grow crops in desert soil. So we know what it’s like to farm in extreme conditions. That struggle taught us how to combine precision irrigation, agronomic expertise and relentless innovation to help farmers grow more of any crop, in any climate, with less.

Netafim South Africa was established in 1992. We have grown to become the market leader in low-volume irrigation systems and technology in Southern Africa. Our production facility in Cape Town is ISO 9001:2008 certified and all products are manufactured to the most stringent quality standards, earning us a reputation for outstanding quality in product and service delivery.

Our Backbone
Helping the world grow more with less™

As the world’s leading irrigation company we will drive mass adoption of smart irrigation solutions to fight scarcity of food,
water and land.

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Netafim South Africa – leading the way for 23 Years!

Netafim has become a household name among irrigation dealers in South Africa and drip irrigation and Netafim goes hand in hand.
Netafim drippers have been used in South Africa in the production of dripper lines for more than 40 years. Initially the Netafim drippers were sold by wholesalers, but in 1991, Netafim Israel decided to invest in South Africa and as a result, Netafim South Africa was formed 22 years ago in 1992.

Netafim has proved to be the market leader in drip irrigation in South Africa. Initially, the concept of drip irrigation was new and it took a lot of education and commitment to establish the principles of drip irrigation. The current situation looks much different as drip irrigation is well established in South Africa and more than 100 million meters of dripper lines are sold every year.

UniRam, DipNetPC, Tiran and Streamline are now all well known Netafim brands and these products are used on almost all crops produced in South Africa. The most popular crops include vegetables, citrus, sugar and wine grapes. As the global need for water and food becomes a bigger challenge, modern irrigation methods such as drip irrigation will pave the way for a more sustainable solution whilst producing more and better crops with minimum impact to the environment.

Netafim South Africa has produced many success stories, but the most outstanding is a 10?000 hectare sugar project in Swaziland that has been successfully operating for the past 15 years. The project, known as “Simunye”, belongs to the Royal Swazi Sugarcane Corporation (RSSC). Netafim dripper lines are used sub surface so that the sugar cane can be burnt before cutting. This project is still the largest Netafim project in the world and is very active due to the fact that sugar has to be replaced every 8 to 10 years. The biggest advantage of using drip irrigation on sugar is the effective use of water (more than 10 tons of sugarcane per mega litre of water) and the high yields compared to other irrigation systems.

There are many similar success stories in the wine, citrus, vegetable and fruit industry. Netafim’s integrity, relationships, quality, value and knowledge is the key reason why producers who have dealt with Netafim SA remain loyal clients. This extends South African borders and includes producers in Botswana, Angola, Mozambique, Namibia and Zimbabwe.

The Netafim factory in Kraaifontein is pride of joy of all factory workers. The management system is ISO9001:2008 certified ensuring that producers can always rely on quality of the highest standard.

The same pride and commitment is evident among all Netafim South Africa’s staff. The knowledge of people such as Chris Malan, Johan Visser and Leon Horn is almost just as famous as the company itself. These experts have been with the company for 10-20 years and have are legends in their own right in the irrigation industry in South Africa.

The success of a company is largely reliant on the product offering and the people and staff supporting it, in this regard Netafim South Africa has been truly blessed.
Netafim was also honoured to have been named the 2013 Stockholm Industry Water Award (SIWA) Laureate. SIWA recognizes the business sector’s contribution to sustainable water management. One of the world’s most important water industry awards, SIWA annually honours one company that has demonstrated devoted water stewardship through impressive achievements in its water usage.

“Globally, 70 percent of our finite freshwater is used for irrigation, and with rapidly expanding demand for agricultural products, there is a dire need to improve water productivity,” said the SIWA Committee in its citation. “Netafim’s remarkable achievements, helping farmers across the world to ‘grow more with less’, are directly contributing to a more water- and food-secure world.”

“We are truly honoured to receive the Stockholm Industry Water Award,” said Netafim CEO Igal Aisenberg. “As the global pioneer and leader in drip irrigation, we have always focused on saving water. With water and land scarcity topping the list of today’s major global challenges, we’re leveraging our expertise and experience in drip technology to help combat food price inflation, ensure food security, and achieve water sustainability. This prestigious award is testimony to our efforts, and inspires us to continue to help reduce water usage and make the world a better, more sustainable place.”

The South African agriculture industry can be assured of many more years of outstanding service and technological breakthroughs offered by Netafim. The first 22 years have been a success and provide a solid foundation to build on the Netafim SA legacy.