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Africa Agribusiness Forum

"Harnessing the African Agribusiness Partnership Potential of the Western Cape"

A very successful Forum was held at the Lord Charles Hotel and was hailed a great success by all 84 delegates that registered. We are grateful for all who attended and contributed and trust that it will also inspire others to join the initiative by the ADC to drive business and business opportunities in Africa for the benefit of all.

Official Welcome, Opening Remarks & Keynote Address

Terry Gale from the Exporters Club opened the forum and welcomed all present, followed by MEC – Economic Development and Tourism's Alan Winde, whom set the tone with the commitment shown by the Western Cape Government to support Agribusiness into Africa. The Keynote Address was delivered by Andrew Boraine, convenor for the Western Cape Economic Development Partnership, who has a passion for "building effective partnerships for inclusive growth". He also explained what the EDP is and that we need "a cross sector partnership that focuses on mobilizing a wide range of socio-economic stakeholders working towards a more inclusive and resilient regional economy".

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Andrew Boraine  [.pptx – 1.5MB]

Africa Agribusiness: Trade & Investment Outlook

In the Trade and Investment outlook slot Dr Dirk Troskie (specialist agricultural economist) elaborated on "The Western Cape and Africa in numbers: an Agribusiness Opportunity perspective" and Paul Runge, CEO Africa Project Access spoke about "Some Recent Project Trends & Themes". André Visser (CEO Fabrinox) explained that it is possible for South African Companies to be price competitive in Africa against the likes of China, India, etc. using his Fabrinox business philosophy as an example.

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Dirk Troskie  [.pptx – 3MB]
Paul Runge  [.ppt – 0.5MB]

Building Competitive Commercial Value Chains

Building competitive commercial value chains is always a topic high on the agenda of the ADC! Nils Flaatten (CEO Wesgro), Tau Morwe (CEO Transnet National Port Authority), Norman Celliers and Andrew McDavid (Zeder Investments/Athena Capital) and Prof Daan Louw (MD – Optimal Agricultural Business Systems) each had their own contribution on this subject. The comment from Prof Daan Louw that "there is a direct correlation between power point presentations and hungry children in Africa" summarized the fact that action needs to be taken and the opportunities utilized.

Right-click to download presentation(s):
Nils Flaatten  [.pptx – 3.7MB]
Tau Morwe  [.pptx – 3.7MB]
Zeder / Athena Capital  [.pptx – 1MB]
Prof Daan Louw  [.ppt – 2.5MB]

Panel 1: Doing Successful Agribusiness in Africa

The first panel consisted of Frans vd Colff (Fruit&Veg), Chris Botha (Danisco), Andy Knox (Bosch Projects) and Charl Rudman (Blue Africa Trading). After the panelists had finished their 10 minute opportunity to talk about their own experiences in doing business in Africa. Again it was emphasized that there are huge opportunities in Africa but also that there are some pitfalls and challenges to be aware of. The floor was then opened for discussions.

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Chris Botha  [.pptx – 3.2MB]
Andy Knox  [.pptx – 11MB]

Panel 2: Angola – Low Hanging Fruit Or Poisoned Challis?

Nelius de Waal and Jon Rutherford( Angola Alliance), Daniel Swanepoel (Daniel John Consulting) and Jurgen Schwarte (Cape Heat Exchange) made up the panel in this session. Each elaborated on their own experiences after which a very interesting question and answer session from the floor followed. Angola – with all its challenges – is still a country with many opportunities and where companies have already been doing successful business for some time.

Right-click to download presentation(s):
Nelus de Waal  [.pptx – 6.3MB]
Daniel Swanepoel  [.ppt – 4.2MB]

Forthcoming Attractions: Important Business Initiatives Introduced

A short description by Corin Mitchell (AECF) about the funds available and how to qualify to get these funds and Hennie van der Merwe from the ADC about the Agribusiness Congress in Zambia and the upcoming Pan African Congress/Exhibition at the CTICC was completed.

Right-click to download presentation(s):
Corin Mitchell  [.pdf – 0.8MB]

Action Plan – Let's Go!

The forum was concluded by Hennie van der Merwe, summarizing the platform that the ADC has for companies involved in the network and also thanking everybody involved in making this forum a huge success.

A cocktail and networking session ended a highly successful day!

20 June 2013 - ADC Business Briefing, Somerset West
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Agribusiness Congress Zambia
Africa Agribusiness Forum
ADC Business Briefing And Networking Function - Somerset West
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