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ORO AGRI: Innovative and versatile technology well suited to help African farmers


OROWET® Technology is a unique blend of cold-pressed orange oil, a completely renewable raw material, in patented mixtures with various surfactants and is used as a base to manufacture a range of different product types. The technology has various applications depending on the formulation, the applied concentration and the registration as required for crop protection products in various countries. At low concentrations, it can be applied as a versatile, multi-purpose surfactant, while at higher rates OROWET-technology can be used as an effective bio-pesticide with contact action against various insects, mites and fungi.

Various OROWET-formulations are currently manufactured in South Africa. Products are easily biodegradable and therefore has a low impact on the environment with excellent crop safety profiles. This include products registered as a surfactant for example OROSORB® or a bio-pesticide, PREV-AM®, for control of insects, mites and certain fungi. The latest formulations added to the innovative product range at ORO AGRI is a soil conditioner, ORO®-SOIL and another product created from orange extracts, Cultigrow™.

The surfactant, OROSORB

The surfactant, OROSORB, can be used on a wide range of crops and at various concentration rates. Adapting the rate of use allows growers to safely achieve different objectives depending on the problem that he or she is facing. Lower rates assist with normal wetting and spreading of droplets to improve coverage of general spray applications. As the dose is increased, it will enhance efficacy of pesticides, growth regulators and foliar nutrition and also ensure improved control of certain pests and diseases. When used at higher rates with systemic herbicides, foliar penetration and uptake of herbicide active is enhanced whilst the product still remains safe to the crop within general use guidelines. The versatility, safety and efficacy of OROSORB on many different crops and growth stages are the reasons why many farmers choose to have only this one surfactant in their store.

The bio-pesticide, PREV-AM

The bio-pesticide, PREV-AM, has a low impact on beneficial insects and has no withholding period. It is, therefore, extremely suitable for use in small-scale farming where different crops are planted and food safety can be a concern with the use of residual chemicals, especially close to harvest. The product has a direct contact action, making it ideal for use in an integrated pest control programme. PREV-AM can be used as a stand-alone pesticide alternated with residual chemicals or in tank mixture with residual chemicals to combat insecticide or fungicide resistance. Because of the effective knock-down and non-residual properties of the product it is often successfully applied in integrated biological control programmes and can effectively reduce the farmer's dependence on residual chemicals. PREV-AM is very effective against soft-bodied pests like white flies, mealybugs, mites or even superficial fungi that grows on the plant surface as powdery mildew.

ORO-SOIL, registered as a soil conditioner

ORO-SOIL, registered as a soil conditioner, is taking OROWET Technology one step further by making it more suitable for soil application. ORO-SOIL can be used to improve infiltration and distribution of irrigation water in soil, especially where compact layers exist. It also improves uptake and retention of irrigation water or rainfall in hydrophobic or light soils. More effective use of irrigation water ensures that farmers can produce more kilograms per litre of water. By reducing run-off and evaporation (e.g. in overhead irrigation) and improving distribution of water (e.g. in drip lines), the farmer can ensure that not only water, but also fertiliser is used more efficiently and wastage is reduced. A single application of ORO-SOIL per season can ensure that you make every precious drop count.

Cultigrow, a bio stimulant

Cultigrow is the latest addition to the ORO AGRI product range in sub-Sahara Africa. The product contains a complex of bio-flavonoids and organic acids, is organically certified and currently registered as a foliar nutrition under Act3 6 in South Africa. Bio-flavonoids are secondary metabolites produced by plants and extracted from bitter orange. In plants, these flavonoids are responsible for various functions such as regulating photosynthesis and hormone activity, colour development, communication between plants and their environment – both above ground and in the root zone. Cultigrow enhances photosynthesis activity and increases root exudation, ensuring optimal root function and mineral uptake. The result, as proven in many trials, is healthier plants with higher energy levels that provide better quality produce.

Apart from plant health aspects, the product has a direct effect on flower stimulation and fruit set in various vegetable and tree crops. A programme of three to four applications per season will also ensure less fruit drop and improved colour and fruit size where applicable. In perennial crops that are prone to alternate bearing, such as citrus, avocados and olives, repeated use over consecutive seasons will ensure more consistent yields. The product is registered on various crops, including deciduous fruits, grapes, citrus, nuts, cereals (seed treatment and foliar spray) and vegetables including potatoes, tomatoes, onions, etc. Cultigrow is therefore a truly versatile product that can significantly increase the farmer's marketable yield and thus help to improve sustainability.

OROWET, OROSORB, PREV-AM, ORO-SOIL and CULTIGROW are proprietary and/or registered trademarks of Oro Agri SA (Pty) Ltd.

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