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All Power: Solar Powered Water

All Power: Solar Powered Water


Terry Moss, former multiple national saloon car champion who has been involved in solar water pumping on the sideline for more than 25 years, recently proudly announced: "We have the latest and most advanced technology for pumping water with 3-phase pumps directly from a solar array – and we installed almost two hundred high flow 3-phase systems during the past 18 months".

These pumping systems allow pumping at unbelievable flow rates directly from solar, resulting in massive savings on electricity and fuel costs. All Power also added a brushless range of solar pumps – a very recent addition to an already wide range of solar pumps!

"We use a special design formula to ensure best performance under cloudy conditions – this is one of the features that make the WATERMAX 3-phase pumping systems stand out above the rest. A second feature is our engineer-developed frames which are galvanised and seasonally adjustable, no matter the size."

But the most important feature is the specially developed MPPT-technology inverter designed to maximize power to the pump and ensure best performance under all conditions.

Moss recently also developed a range of DC solar pumps which pumps 70%-90% more than the models he developed before. "We are very proud of our latest range of pumps, known as the WATERMAX PENTA range. These pumps are extremely efficient, reliable and cost efficient, especially with the cost of solar modules being reduced significantly the past few months", the ex-racing driver states.

The very popular WATERMAX range of positive displacement solar powered submersible pumps are currently exported to more than 15 countries over the globe and includes countries like the USA, Mexico, Australia, Spain and a number of African countries.

"We are proud that a product from South Africa is gaining this sort of global recognition," says Terry Moss who is also a Senior Director at All Power in Port Elizabeth who manufactures the relevant pump range.

Terry started developing the pump range in 1989 and subsequently it has been established as a most reliable and high quality product range.

All Power has supplied more than 20,000 WATERMAX solar water pumps to numerous farmers, game and nature reserves as well as thousands of customers with other applications.

"Our pump is silent-running, as it does not need any fuels or oils to operate, it is regarded as the most environment-friendly pump on the market," explains Moss.

During 1998-1999 the WATERMAX pumps were successfully tested at the University of Neubiberg at Munich, Germany by instruction of Siemens Solar. The University randomly tested three WATERMAX models and these tests ratified the advertised WATERMAX specifications.

"In fact, the South African pumps exceeded their specifications by quite a percentage," Mr Jon Adams, the then Siemens Energy Solutions manager of Off-grid confirmed. Siemens Solar and Shell Solar recently combined their operations and now operate as such under the Shell Renewables umbrella.

All Power manufactures the various spares of the WATERMAX pump range in-house in Port Elizabeth, South Africa and consequently the availability of spares for servicing after a couple of years of operation is no challenge at all – it is thus not necessary to depend on importing of spares when required. It is also not necessary to replace pumps and/or motors, because it is performing like a new pump after being serviced.

"In my opinion, South African and global customers have access to an excellent range of solar pumps and an extremely efficient back-up service", Moss said.

WATERMAX boasts with a full range of solar pumps which can deliver flow rates of up to 14,000 litres per day. These pumps operate directly from solar modules (without batteries) and some run on as little as 10W power. These pumps can operate in muddy-, lime- and saltwater and are fitted with sealed bearings.

The desired flow rate, water level in the source and the surface lift determines the most suitable WATERMAX model and solar module configuration. Some WATERMAX pumps can handle a static head of up to 200m or more and all pumps are fitted with an equalising diaphragm to combat submergence pressures, which neutralise external pressure on the pump and consequently results in much quicker startup and increased efficiency at all total heads.

New models are continually developed and added to the range. The latest additions to the range are known as the WATERMAX PENTA (a PENTA A for up to 80m total head, PENTA B for up to 100m head and PENTA C for up to 160m head) is available to deliver even higher flow rates than before. The PENTA A, for example, delivers 1,200 litres per hour at 80m!

Constructing the WATERMAX pumps from high quality bronze and stainless steel, ensures that the pump can last for years and in addition maintenance is relatively low cost, simple and quick. In extreme cases where it is necessary to overhaul the pump, the cost of bearings, brushes and diaphragms could be less than R1,300.

"We realised the importance of the WATERMAX being service friendly and therefore we developed the WATERMAX products such that the customer can handle the servicing himself," says Moss.

Because of the fact that pumps are lightweight and easy to transport and handle, installation can be done within 30 minutes, using all non-corrosive materials and pipes.

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For any enquiries please contact Sarel Botha at:
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WEBSITE.  www.allpower.co.za

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